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JUST BY DIALLING 902 999 188


Dial the telephone
902 999 188


When the operator answers enter the number 1



Immediately afterwards, dial 00 together with the country code, then you’re area code followed by your telephone number.

For example:
If you want to call from any site in Spain to England, dial the number 902 999 188:
(the operator answers and you should dial the number 1)
(Next she asks for the Area code of the country, in this case) 44. Remember to dial 00 before the country code. (0044 in this case).
And then you must enter your dialling code and number you require

If you make a mistake, you will hear a single tone and must repeat the above steps.


Why the International IP service 902?
Service 902 the International of HGM Network is a new service that allows you to make international calls of on IP, from Spain to more than 50 Countries at the moment, and the price of the 902 calls you pay (from 0,04?/min) national rate and the international section is free.


Initial rate

Normal tariff?/minute

902 tariff?/minute



0.0781 0,0833





Normal tariff: of Monday through Friday of 8 to 20 hours.
Reduced tariff: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, weekdays after 20 hours till 8

How it works?
First you must dial 902 999 188 and when the recorded voice answers, dial the number 1 and immediately afterwards dial the number of destiny (with the area code of the country).

What do I need?
In order to use this service you pay nothing, nor do you need a phone card or Pre-paid tariffs. The national call invoices to the telephone (landline or mobile) from which you make the call.
This number can be given to all your relatives and friends so that they can also enjoy the advantages and the 902 prices of the International of HGM Network... which they will thank you for.

It is better than pre-paid tariffs?
It is far better than pre-paid tariffs because of the economic charges available, and therefore, allow you to make cheaper calls. Because this service does not use pre-paid tariffs, therefore it makes a saving with respect to pre-paid calls. It is not needed to pay commissions to telephone distributors or any monthly charges.

Cheaper tariffs than pre-paid cards.
No monthly charges

The minutes do not expire as with pre-paid phones.

Charged for only national calls when making international calls, even from mobile


It is possible to use on a mobile phone?

Yes, you can use this number on your mobile phone. Normally if you call a international number from your mobile you will be charged at the highest rate, if you call this number before dialling an international number, through the 902 HGM Network, the call is to 902 national, although you are making a call international. In fact you can program your mobile so that with a single button the call is made directly.

 Note: The 902 number for international calls will be charged at your standard mobile service tariff for a national call only.

There is no loss in the minutes?
There is no loss the minutes are real, of 60 seconds each one.
Many users have verified that some of cards make a loss and they do not give the minutes that say in their pamphlets. In some cases they are almost half. If you use cards you tend to lose some minutes as this is calculated automatically.

Is the 902 like 803, 806, 807?
Yes, the 902 number is the same as calling the cinema, to speak with the bank, to request a price of vacations, to speak with companies, etc.. Technically, it is a national number. The calls to 902 are just the same as calling a national number anywhere in Spain. This way, the international calls are free.


Can I give this number to my friends and family?
Yes. Give this number to all your friends and family, known or familiar who are in Spain or travel to Spain. Give them this number 902 999 188 so that they can call and to save money on all international calls saving them money.